Product List

Artificial turf for the bravest, made for those that want to have a tough lawn and not to worry about maintaining it.

Sunshine Green is great for higher traffic applications. Sunshine Green is the “to go” Turf for big commercial projects. It will also look good in private gardens and on your home.

Perfect for areas with a lot of traffic thanks to its great recovery capacity such as gardens with high traffic, commercial terraces and a play area. Made for those who want the best.

The Island Green artificial grass model is designed for the most demanding customer. The combination of MaxRecoverand BodyShape technologies gives you a great recovery.

Its textured structure fibers achieve a very good roll of the golf ball, making it an ideal surface for practicing approach and putt.
The installation of the turf rolls is carried out on an even, resistant base with good drainage, and the joints are bonded by a bicomponent polyurethane adhesive tape. A silica sand filling (round, washed and dried 12/20 mesh) with about 2.87 lb/ft² is recommended.

A state-of-the art 16mm artificial turf perfect to use in both professional and residential putting greens, because of its performance both at the reception and the rolling of the ball.

Its fibers have an anti-UV treatment which gives them an excellent and resistant finishing for the most demanding weather conditions.

Combines its BodyShape D section monofilament with the SoftMaxtechnology to achieve a great recovery and a natural look of the highest quality, making it ideal for every kind of garden. Its green and brown curls give more naturality to your garden.

Its high density fiber provide lush looks and soft touch. Its beige and green curl gives a naturalness look. C Shape monofilament with pile height of 1.25″.

Special for garden play areas with pets, green areas, terraces and high level restoration. Highly Recommended with Envirofill.

Is a model that has the perfect combination of softness and recovery. With a height of 1.38 in and textured with green and brown curl this artificial turf will make you spend hours and hours admiring your garden.

Special for private gardens of high standing, terraces, play areas with pets, and/or commercial applications. Recommended for areas of medium transit use.

Mixes our C shape monofilament and textured fibers with root effect wich mantains the fibers without letting them fall. Its high density fibers provide a lush and soft texture. Made to blend right in with your natural environment. Beautiful resilient grass, that is great for high traffic areas. Strong stand-up performance makes it perfect for commercial areas, both indoor and outdoor. Great for use, such as gyms and playgrounds.

Spring special  for high traffic areas and pets, but not limited to this specifically, as we’ve installed this in play areas and backyards as well. Mix of wave + D + M shape monofilament fibers and curly fibers with root effect technology which keep the monofilament fibers straight.Spring beautiful  green turf is unlike any other turf. Choice for areas that you would want to spend a good amount of time with friends and family for outdoor gatherings.

With Royal Green you will have a sense of nature in your home without the inconvenience of maintenance. Adheres to very high temperatures. Great for use, such as gyms and playgrounds. 
Thanks to its color and beauty, the Royal Green  model is designed for high standing gardens, commercial terraces and penthouses.

Roll & Comb

Roll & Comb 141

The Roll & Comb 141 power brush helps clean the leaves, pine needles and other debris from the lawn while fluffing-up and brushing up the turf fibers. Thanks to its low weight and its adjustable handlebar design, it helps maintain the correct working position. It is easy to carry and store and ideal for artificial turf lawns.

Roll & Comb 502

The Roll & Comb 502 sweeper cleans and collects the moss, leaves, pine needles and other debris from the artificial grass while combing and elevating the grass fibers. It is light and with its adjustable handlebar design facilitates the use and correct position of the work. Its brushing system, with excellent quality nylon bristles, sends the waste to the collection bag. In addition, it has working height regulation to regulate the intensity of the sweep.

Artificial Glass Install